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Food Standards Agency warns public of burger food poisoning risk

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The FSA (Food Standards Agency) has warned the UK public that they could be at risk of food poisoning from under cooked burgers this Bank Holiday weekend.

Their rather “tasty” research has revealed that despite 71% of people stating they were concerned about food poisoning, more than a quarter, (28%) would eat a burger that isn’t fully cooked through. The research also revealed that nearly a third of people surveyed in Wales incorrectly believe that eating a rare burger is the same as a rare steak when it comes to the risk of food poisoning.

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Welsh tourists struck down by serious food poisoning bug (Cyclospora) in Mexico


Tourists have been warned to  be wary of travelling to parts of Mexico after nine Welsh holidaymakers were struck down with the serious food poisoning bug Cyclospora.

The Cyclospora outbreak involved 24 luxury hotel complexes in the Cancun area, It’s thought that the outbreak was caused by tainted food supplies to the hotels.

Public Health Wales said that they expect more travelers to be affected by the illness in coming days with the Foreign Office also updating its website to include a warning from health authorities about travelling to the Mexican region.

Guests as young as 12 have believed to have eaten contaminated food in their hotels and later fell ill with Cyclospora which causes severe stomach cramps and diarrhoea in it’s victims.

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